Confessions of a tyrant

Confessions of a Tyrant

Confessions of a tyrant

(Naseer Ahmed)

Listen, oh, Holy Father

Your are more cunning and clever than I. Therefore, I confess to you because it is always better to confess to a person who is clever than yourself. Besides, I have this faith that intelligent people have better chances at getting each other.

In addition, we both are very good at deceiving public, because we know their weaknesses. Furthermore, we could use their weaknesses to our advantage like good generals and good traders.

Oh Father,

This public is just a flock of sheep that need a shepherd to whip them towards grazing fields, but we both sent them to butchers.

Oh Father

These people, they think, feel, understand, sense and run after happiness madly. They are quite capable, but they hate to think. They love a life where they could live by their feelings and instincts. They are after pleasures of body. They do not like to use their minds.

For this reason, they are always seeking a strong father who takes up the responsibility of thinking and deciding for them. Presence of a father helps them to enjoy the food before they go to slaughter house.

Our game starts from here. We have always increased their fears of pain as well as hope for pleasure. Thus, we have let them daydream about safety and security.

Oh Father

It would be useless to pretend to you because you belong to a tradition of historical lies, which helped people like you to have jewels, while the sheep were dying with hunger. People like you deceived the sheep with the promise of those future pleasures.

I think we could have lead them to the way to progress. We could have rekindled their eyes with real good life. But we were the prisoners of our big egos and interests. We used very creative strategies and very innovative tactics to keep our spell we cast on them, intact. Thus, we prolonged our power over them.

I have sacrificed my people many times in the name of religion and property with your help. I have instilled fear of those people in their hearts whose friendship could pave the ways for a better life for these simpletons. Of course, with your help.

Oh, I cannot sleep, because those killing fields full of corpses haunt me. I could see the guilt of Great Deception in the restlessness of your eyes too.

Oh Father,

By our Messiah who has opened the Kingdom of Heaven by suffering wounds on his sacred body, we sang the songs of praise for him, but we made his followers to kill their country people, foreigners, poor and helpless.

Other people like Muslims also did the same. We knew that cooperation leads to survival and happiness. Yet, we bred hatred; we nurtured enmities to save those circumstances which favored us.

Oh Father,

We filled our bellies by snatching their bread, whereas mother earth could have nourished all of us.

Oh Father,

By the moonlight, by the pleasure of her kisses who I hold so dear even though I killed her, by the tasty food, by your wealth, by my treasures, we could have saved their lives by building hospitals. We could have provided better food to their children.

Oh Father,

We humans have been trying to conquer nature since ages. Our little successes have bestowed upon the capability to harm nature and each other excessively. You have used this harmful capability for your destructive purposes in the name of true faith whenever you were in power.

I have also used this destructive capability to satisfy my egotistic dilutions and my economic ambitions. I do not think that we would ever get a ticket to paradise, if there is any such place. I doubt you have constructed this lie because you knew they needed a better future to suffer a worse present.

Remember, things for sheep got better only when we both fought against each other for power and wealth. We both needed supporters. Our supporters, those traders and those lawyers tried to help us by weakening us a bit (grimace). But this struggle made life for sheep a bit well.

Oh Father,

I think the salvation lies in ending government and religion or people must become strong enough that usurpers like us might never get into corridors of power. I wish people could make their religions a bit peaceful. A democratic government and a peaceful religion could diminish the possibility of our negativity turning as a way of life.

Oh Father,

You look a bit tired. It seems you have lost the will to live. Ask your boy to fetch a cup of coffee for you. This will make you feel better because it is a good drink. It helps people like you and me to drown the painful memories of past sins.

May Lord, our God, bless those people whom we thought were stupid touchy feely things. I confess to you those people were pride of our world. They used their abilities for promotion of universal love and universal welfare. Alas, our eyes are empty of tears and our hearts are full of an agonizing pain. There is nothing in the bosom of time for us, but the fire of regrets. There is no elixir of expiation left for us.

I miss the beatings I received by my Pa. These beatings were a permanent source of pain and fear for me. By the cleverness of my Ma, she loved it when my Pa beat her up because she loved crying for days over her helplessness. She found this torture a bit pleasurable. She made mistakes on purpose to have this painful pleasure.

I loved possessing things. Lack of love had made me jealous of every good thing. I could draw immense pleasure from torturing our pets. I used to think constantly. This taught me to mould things in my favor. The poverty I suffered showed me the importance of wealth and taught me how to use people in order to promote my interests.

Oh Father,

Looking into mirror for hours made me very happy. Oh Father, I betrayed my friends, my family, my wife and my country people many times.

Oh Father,

I could see, you are also a lonely man. Perhaps, this agonizing loneliness is our hell. I cannot speak more, but I feel a bit light. Perhaps, you also have satisfaction of not being the wicked person in the world.

Oh Father,

I think that we should not participate in world affairs .Perhaps people might find some peace this way. But I guess we have become habitual speakers and crowd raisers now. Therefore, these sheep would have to suffer a bit more.

Oh Father, one last thing. Do not sell me out to some useless journalist. I have preempted your potential betrayal by these useless journalists off.

May Lord Jesus help us, but our salvation as impossible as a camel‘s passage through a needle.

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