Conscience and traces

Naseer Ahmed, the writer

Conscience and traces

by, Naseer Ahmed

Joker: Herr Gauleiter, Oh my, look at those broken white wings strewn on the surface beneath our table.

Gauleiter: Oh yes, what a lovely scene.Those wonderful broken wings look great in the comforting light of the setting sun. Life is so attractive, when it expresses annihilation. The traces of a successful hunt teach you a lot about organising your life.

Joker: But who has done it?

Gauleiter: An eagle, who else?

Joker: Pardon me sir, perhaps, but it could be anyone, a kite, a jackal, a fox, a wild cat or a drunkard who steals. I think the white wings suggest that it is the drunkard who steals.

Gauleiter: It is an eagle. The wings show it clearly. I have seen a movie about a Kazakh hunt.Their eagles scattered the stuff the same way we observe here.

Joker: Well, I have seen that movie too. Pardon me once again, but those eagles were hunting a fox.

Gauleitier: What is the difference? Entrails or wings? No real difference. The way one does things is more important than looking into the circumstances of the ones who could not.

Joker: But the ones who could not leave traces too. And traces are important too and the ones who cannot do.

Gauleitier: I see a sympathy to failures and losers here. I think it is a waste of time. However, the traces are important.They help you to unify your ego with higher purposes.

Joker: I have no idea about higher purposes.

Gauleiter: Because you never had any purposes.

Joker: I don’t know but traces lead you to many places where unconscious interact with unconscious, conscious with unconscious, conscious with conscious and conscientious with conscientious.

Gauleiter: and where am I?

Joker: I don’t know sir. I am already a bit surprised that you let me talk about broken wings and let me guess about traces. It is these traces which lead to relations like father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, friend, lover and so many other relations. A wise guy say had there not been traces, we would have nothing.

Gauleiter: And what we have with traces?

Joker: Oh sir, they find a word inscribed upon a rock and they discover loads of things about the culture that lead to that inscription. I mean their health, education, festivals, economy, politics, housing, warfare and their tools. With a bit of soil, they could figure out the age of that area and how many floods it went through. They really do wonders with traces. At times, with a few bones, they could figure out the scale of mass murder in a region.

Gauleiter: Now I think you are trying to pollute the higher purposes with your insidious traces. You are abusing the freedom I gave to you about broken wings.

Joker: The freedom you gave?

Gauleiter: yes, we give it and we take it away and your traces could be easily transformed into nothing if they decide to inform which is contradictory to higher purposes. Knowledge is nothing but a slave to higher purposes.

Joker: That makes knowledge nothing.

Gauleiter: And we all are nothing when it comes to higher purposes. And what we learn is also nothing if it does not serve higher purposes obediently.

Joker: Well sir, not everybody agrees and Luftwaffe has failed because it failed to free knowledge and its seekers.

Gauleiter: Luftwaffe does not deserve higher purposes and all failures do not deserve higher purposes.

Joker: Well, from where I see, it seems the higher purposes you are on about failed to deserve knowledge, reason and conscience. A dismal failure that won’t dodge reckoning, because with knowledge they would follow the traces and figure out all those lowest deeds committed in the name of higher purposes.