Lenin and joker dialogue

Lenin Joker dialogue

Lenin and joker dialogue

Naseer Ahmed

Lenin : Who is there? Ah, a clown. That is a bit innovative. A change, a bit progressive. Otherwise, I was fed up with those university professors. I hear they still pick them up from the streets. That is better. These professors, they think they are cream of the society. Actually, they are its sh**. 

Look at this clown, he looks like Bim Bom. I think they killed him when he was mocking our revolution. No blood sucker has any right to mock the salvation. If you take salvation a bit lightly, it slips from your hands. Hey Bim Bom, have you come to take your revenge? 

Joker : Ah Illych?  He is a proper windbag, giving sermons, saying stupid stuff and believing his stupidity is profound than all kind of delicacies. I am not Bim Bom. I notice you still hate the people who are better educated. And your salvation was a human catastrophe. But that is what happens when a low life like you has power over matters of life and death. 

Lenin : How dare you to call me a low life? You are  a  worthless bourgeoisie please. When they drink the blood of working classes you make them laugh. How low? How worthless? Leave me alone and tell them not to hurt me this way. 

Joker : hahaha, you think you are still important. Your company is a part of my punishment. I joked a bit and laughed a bit. Those angels did not like it. That is real punishment. I have not said proper  ‘hello’ and I am a bloodsucker. Even Mullahs take a few minutes before calling me names. Here, you are, issuing decrees straight away. The bourgeoisie were no cannibals. Cannibalism was your gift. Do you know about that mother who had to say ’I ate Manechka last week, this week I am going to eat Vaniya’. That poor mother was talking about her own kids. 

Lenin : Revolutions do not happen with roses. 

Joker : When it was your turn to swallow a bit of revolutionary roses, you lost speech. It is easy to issue decrees and it is tough to put  up with the consequences of those decrees when chickens come home. 

Lenin : Why do you hit where it hurts most? You have no idea about what happens when somebody has the responsibility of the world on his shoulder. You don’t know anything about the weight of destiny. You don’t know anything about saving a people. 

Joker : Oh the great man syndrome. That resulted in murder, theft, rape, famine, war, torture, genocide, orphans, prisons and a life where nobody could breathe without permission. Is that responsibility of the world? Is that weight of destiny? I see here  a low life gangster trying to be respectable. Yes, I am a fool but at times it is tough to make a fool out of a registered fool. Diversity, you know. 

Lenin : A capitalistic conspiracy. 

Joker : You killed your own people. I come across such justification every day. But their hollowness is a bit like a pimp’s proclamation of piety. 

Lenin : I don’t know why I have to suffer you. I have still some people. They could sort you out. 

Joker : Hahah,The world is full of your people. And it sorts me out every day. I ran away from that world. I came here for some entertainment. They sent me to you. Don’t worry, I am being sorted out on permanent basis wherever I happen to be. A gang like your central committees is everywhere. And it sorts out every individual. A sorted  out individual  loses his talent for arguments, difference of opinion, evidence, facts and truth. Hahaha, I forgot you are also a sorted out individual. That is why truth is your punishment. That is why you hate university professors. That is why they are still being picked up from the streets because  people like you have no stomach for truth. 

Lenin : I am losing my patience. What do you want? 

Joker : I want rehabilitation of opinion, argument, difference, evidence, dialogue, facts, proof and an open discussion. Basically, a rehabilitation of democratic laws and democratic ethics. I don’t want the  knock on the door in the midnight, I don’t want any troika, I don’t want torture, I don’t want abductions, I don’t want famines, I don’t want humiliation and I don’t want any set of criminal gangs being the guardian of any society. 

Lenin : hahaha, you would never get any of that. Your sermon is even longer than mine. Who is the wind bag here? 

Joker : I knew it was coming. These long and boring sermons are parts of your punishment. I have dreams too but the kind of dreams which make life better when they become a reality. Fortunately, I don’t have anti life kind of dreams and realities. Not the great, grand and gigantic stuff where you answer the disgrace you suffer with a conspiracy. They open up the testament. They look at the Kremlin Highlander. They threw the testament in the trash bin. I am different. For example, a bit of improvement in health and safety laws could make me the happiest person for a while. 

Lenin : By God, that is the terrible punishment so far. I hope you sufferrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr baaaaaa hummmmmmmm bummmmmmmm Bimmm Bommmmmmmmm (Lenin loses speech).