Corona talks to media

Dr Nasir Hussain, author
Dr Nasir Hussain

Corona talks to media

by, Dr Nasir Hussain Bukhari

Today in a media talk, Corona has appreciated the decision of opening the shopping malls.  Corona has admired the spirit of Pakistanis to follow the Constitution that guarantees the right to movement of all the Pakistanis. It has also praised the decision of federal and provincial governments to implement the decision of the apex court.

Corona was of the opinion that  the death toll owing to it has almost crossed two thousand plus and the number of infected cases of Corona has exceeded more than 150 thousands in Pakistan.

This statistics is very unsatisfactory because it is lower comparatively than death toll in all the European nations and the USA.

Corona blamed Sindh provincial government for creating hurdles in its smooth working in Pakistan. He also complained that people of Pakistan think perhaps I belong to a fake or very weak virus family, so I cannot cause any damage.

He said that when globally lockdown is being deemed a necessary measure to control COVID-19, the Pakistan federal government is intended to implement the decision of opening business, plying railways, airlines and road transport ignoring the perils and consequences of the decision.

It thanked the government for support. As it has already been mentioned that the government wanted to compete with the world for high death toll, it is a wise decision in that context.

All over the world, the governments are paying heed to the advice of the doctors, scientists and medical experts, while taking any decision about tackling COVID-19 pandemic.

Unlikely, Pakistan is the only country where the opinion of medical specialists, and doctors has been rejected.

رام بھلی کرے گا، تو اللہ اللہ کر… بلادِ ہینڈسم سے ایک خط    از، یاسر چٹھہ

Merchants, judges and illiterate politicians’ illogical and insane opinion has prevailed as well as weighed. This is the peak of the scientific approach of Pakistani society. If Pakistanis were not imparted better education and trained as better humans since the Zia regime, situation would have been different than now, Corona answered to a question of a reporter.

All what is happening in Pakistan is the outcome of enlightenment that began to spread in the Zia regime.

People say Bhutto is alive, Pakistanis must acknowledge Zia is alive with his entire  enlightenment, Corona revealed. Pakistanis as a nation are not facing any severe  life risk, but they do not know who is responsible for the plan of genocide of Pakistanis, government, apex court or the Pakistanis themselves who were anxious to shopping for Eid rather to stay at home away from me.

It said that I would love to hug every Pakistani and suggested to give up home confinement.

Corona condemned this kind of the views: stay home, stay safe.

Having said that Corona also expressed the height of delight for providing it with the even field in Pakistan during this prevailing situation.

First, Corona is very much indebted to Pakistani government, higher judiciary and business community for providing it hatcheries like shopping malls, markets, railway trains and opportunity to benefit numerous Pakistanis through infection.

Shopping will help Corona to bring equality in Pakistan, and it entertained the Pakistanis on the Eid days by largely increasing the number of  the infected.

The patients in quarantine centres made new friends and shared the pleasant experience of quarantine with new entrants who were expected to go there after Eid.

People travelled to home towns to celebrate the Eid with kith and kins. Corona said, “I was eager to meet the people of all cultures and ethnic groups of Pakistan.” Corona happily hugged the people on the eve of namaz-e-Eid and during Eid Milan parties.

Still I have not visited to Pakistani villages, but now, I will be there, thanks to the decision of Pakistani government, Corona expressed its joy while talking to the federal advisor for health in a bilateral meeting in Islamabad.

The Pakistani business community is matchless in its patriotism in the world. During this pandemic when the global economy is in recession, the Pakistani community would likely bring an economic boom for Pakistan.

Corona not only appreciated the decision but also has suggested the State Bank and commercial banks to order new lockers to save the amount in trillions expected from Eid business as well as foreign aid and donations on its name pouring into Pakistan.

Corona has also sent a message to graveyards management for storage of coffins, burial material and arrangements of burial ceremonies. It predicted that would be a chance to promote the declining business of graveyards after the end of bomb blasting and suicide attacks.

What a matter of pleasure for Pakistanis to commit a collective suicide to defeat COVID-19 , Corona gloomly said, after Eid-ul-Azha.

Dr. Nasir Hussain Bukhari is an educationist, analyst and writer associated with the OPF Girls College, F-8/2 Islamabad as Associate Professor of Education. The writer is also President of Peoples Professors Forum National Think Pakistan.