Imran Khan, an empty headed populist like any of such kind

Empty headed populists
Base illustration courtesy: Imran Khan by ThePrint, Trump by VectorStock, Modi through Pinterest

Imran Khan, an empty headed populist like any of such kind

by, Naseer Ahmed

Imran Khan? says a thing, contradicts it himself and calls it knowledge and justice.

He needs some proper speech writers who could construct good arguments for him.

At the moment, it is a bit like:

A is different from B

Yet A is B

Therefore A is different from B.

He should not be defensive about reading papers. Reading papers is a sign of responsibility with arguments.

But he is a populist and he is more into pleasing his own flock than convincing anybody else. Besides, like most populists he knows people don’t like well-thought-out arguments anymore.That is with the people who love a populist who justifies their prejudices.The enemies and neutrals listen things quite carefully and highlight the contradictions.

Besides, he treats most debatable issues as proven facts. However, when he tries to convince others, he starts to refute his basic premises.

I just heard his fifteen minute speech.The equality in Islam argument went like this.

Islam is about equality.There is slavery too. This slavery is not actual slavery. There were slave kings in Egypt. I have proved there is no slavery in Islam.

No wonder Trump likes Imran Khan. Well, at the moment that is a lot more precious than refined argumentation. However, Trump likes Modi too for the same kind of arguments which Imran and Trump employ. The world leadership is a real cheap theater at the moment.

Well Modi might convince Trump by formulating his arguments like this.

Radical Islam is about slavery. Everybody is slave to Allah. And Lord Ganesha told me in my dreams to keep everybody in their place is the wisest option. Therefore, enslaving kashmiri Muslims is a United Nations’ Mission. I have proved that I have actually freed Kashmiris.

But the collective consequences of such reasoning are quite disastrous and the world leaders, and their followers need to develop a taste for better arguments.

It is wonderful that Imran Khan links  Modi to Hitler and Mussolini. Pakistan also needs to look into those influences in its own thought systems and the consequences of those influences. When you have Nuremberg laws kind of legislation against your minorities, it really becomes tough to convince others.

Old Benito is evil in India. Old Benito cannot be sacred in Pakistan. This retaining of one version of fascism and demolishing other is not working. South Asia needs to view those influences as a collective problem.

As far as Modi is concerned, I am happy that he has to face the truth, but Modi could confuse the issue using some fascist tactics around denial and victim-hood. That is what that Sui Kyi of Burma does. That is what Pakistani leaders including Imran Khan do. That is what Sri Lankans do. That is what various factions in Afghanistan do.

In fact, it is this doing away with arguments and proofs is at the heart of this rise of the politics of pessimism all over the world.