Investing in people

Naseer Ahmed, the writer

Investing in people

by, Naseer Ahmed

The social discourse is anti West, but the people are ready to risk their lives just to be there.


Better jobs and better life.

The government here could stop this exodus which causes quite tragic accidents by not making the country best, better and good. However, they need to work on making it here at least tolerable. That would be enough to stop this illegal immigration.

Most of the people who reach there get better jobs and better life, but they don’t forsake the discourse they learn here. That causes so many integration and assimilation problems which leads to a kind of social strife which at times leads to rivers of blood speeches.

The wise governments there give shut up calls to these hateful speeches. However, wisdom like love is a time’s fool. At times, things get quite messy and bloody when wisdom fails.

But here we have not even initiated wisdom, and people have gone quite desperate. They try to leave the country whenever possible, or even when it is quite impossible.

Obviously, the Western countries cannot take all these people. However, their interest lies in helping and supporting us in making our place liveable in order to reduce this exodus pressure upon them.

This expectation I think might look unfair to those countries. First, they think that they take immigrants which is itself a big help and then they also help in making countries like ours better while we keep talking against them. But in the end, their interest lies in reduction in the number of immigrants. Therefore, they need to ignore a few unpleasant things because getting the main job done is a better option.

But the basic responsibility lies with our government and people.The things like better jobs and better life is not that tough. It means we have to borrow the ideas that worked for them.

The basic idea is democracy based upon reason and conscience. Our leaders take democracy as a multitude shouting outlandish slogans for them. Since Bhutto and Mujib, they are stuck there. The work side and the spirit side of these ideas is not important to them.

A demagogue follows a demagogue follows a demagogue. Now, we do not even expect from our leaders any sensible thing. Actually, we discourage them from sensible stuff. The moment they talk sense, their ratings begin to suffer.

That is not going to work as far as better jobs and better life is concerned.

Investing in people is not possible, according to security arguments, because everybody hates us for our wonderfulness. Therefore we need to spend heavily on security. The citizens drowning in foreign seas while trying to leave their homes, families and their country is not wonderful, I guess.

We have ultimate security weapons, but our security worries have not decreased. We want to win an arm race which we cannot win. Still, we would keep trying.

To support this stupid dream, we need idiots. Therefore, education cannot move towards reason, science and conscience. That kind of reasoning makes it a hostage crisis, not a country.

The citizens are deported from Saudi Arabia and they do not have jobs at home but we are receiving kudos for our strategic cleverness. No jobs abroad, no jobs at home. What is the benefit of this strategic cleverness?

These are pertinent questions, but even our prime ministers do not have courage to ask these pertinent questions to their subordinates.

Here, another question arises. What is the use of becoming a prime minister when you are not sensible? And even when you are sensible, you are not allowed to talk sense?

It is the perfect representation though, we are not allowed to talk sense and our representatives are also not allowed to talk sense but like all perfections it fails where it matters. I mean, this kind of perfection fails on peace, jobs, education, health, planning, human rights, freedoms and other such goodies.

The thing that keeps people in a country is hope. The reality is as soon as a bit of hope glows in the eyes, the society is deep into blinding conspiracies.

How long we would keep postponing what must be done? It, seriously, is hurting and harming the capabilities.

I love all those brave souls who love their country and want to share its fate. But a dismal fate is not written. It could be a bright future, but like every bright future it needs necessary adjustments.

Now the princes and princesses are voicing their take on things.They are young and their talk suggests they got a few things right, but they are not free and they are high on shouting multitudes like their parents. In addition, the princess is already facing a court case about massive corruption and the prince talks like Mama but is heavily shadowed by Daddy. No real hope there I guess.

Invest in young people out of palace dynasties and you might get better leaders.The kind of leaders who could convince these fleeing hordes that staying is not that bad. Nobody runs away from a country that works for them. To build a country that works for people is what our leaders must do or let somebody else lead who could do things.