Intolerance and tyranny

Naseer Ahmed
نصیر احمد

Intolerance and tyranny

by, Naseer Ahmed

This intolerance to difference of opinion is the biggest problem in places like Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Both rulers and pretenders in these places value this intolerance as a virtue. It is tough for the public  to no to follow their leaders when it comes to this intolerance. Therefore, we find ourselves into so many cultures of intolerance.

The secular tyrants like Reza Shah wanted to propel their countries in the 20th century by leaps and bounds. They did not respect advice, consultation, suggestions, feedback, creativity, elections, public participation and solutions. They had this fanatic attachment to their grand visions.They refused to listen and learn.

Then, we had demagogues like Zulfi Bhutto who thought who could dodge everybody with their charming oratory. Like it happens the demagoguery leads us to disasters and bad laws. But they loved their big egos and crap visions too much. They refused to listen and learn.

Then, we had socialists, the pride of Moscow and the scourge of local people. They could do all kinds of crimes in order to force people to march towards progress. They were also prisoners of grand schemes and refused to listen and learn.

That was our hope from the progress side. But Iran is hopeless theocracy, Pakistan is deep into religious fascism and Afghanistan is a broken down country.

That all comes from intolerance to difference of opinion. I have not said anything about Ziaul Haq, Mullah Omar or Khomeini.

You know they were fascist Mullahs. It is useless to expect any compassion, reason, tolerance, sense or sensibility from such lot. They were stupidity and cruelty material.

They would have killed most of humanity just to hear a Zindabad (Long live) stuff.
But they were consequence of intolerance of secular tyrants. On their part, these secular tyrants were quite defiant and indignant to these religious fascists but the secular tyrants could not foresee it because they did not listen and learn.

These secular tyrants could not see monsters of religious fascism coming. They placed themselves into the centre of the universe and blamed everything on those foreign conspirators. But their problems came from intolerance.

Intolerance got deeper and deeper and from those depths of intolerance rose the monsters of religious totalitarianism.

Where does this intolerance come from? It comes from religions, cultures and ideologies. All these religions, cultures and ideologies behave a lot better under a democracy wherever democracy and tolerance coincide.

The tolerance to difference of opinion is necessary for a healthy and open mind. You know any meaningful progress is not possible without healthy and open minds.

These minds receive this health from free expression of their content. This free expression gives people better choices. And progress is a better choice.

I mean all those gulags, camps and killing fields are no better choices. The solution lies in listening and learning which is only possible if you are tolerant to difference of opinion.

The system that does better on tolerance account is democracy. No Imam, no caliph and no Saltan is going to put up with difference to his opinions. Therefore, we must say no to these imams, caliphs and Saltans alongside other tyrants.