Donald Trump’s trauma and future of world

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Rabi Waheed

(Rabi Waheed)

Trump, Donald
Donald Trump

History is witness to this observation that the world had to undergo a wave of hatred , extremism, invasions, bias, discrimination and narrow-mindedness whenever a candidate of the Republican Party became the president of America. A decade ago when Gorge W. Bush was elected as president, the world had to face many far reaching changes having severe negative impacts. On the base of 9/11 incident, America invaded Afghanistan and then attacked Iraq on the allegation of having weapons of massive destruction. The notorious torture cell Guantanamo was established during the period of President Bush. And now we are in the Trump era!

Its a reality that every narrative gives birth to a counter narrative. The narrative of power aggravates the weak and unconsciously invokes the deprived to stand against the powerful. This narrative of power during the era of Bush gave rise to Al-Quaida.

Al-Quaida emerged as a powerful and organised aggressive entity. This was not a war between a religious and secular powers rather it was a war between two powers for the show of their powers. As a result, the world had to undergo a trauma of aggression, restlessness and distress.

After Bush, Barack Obama the Democratic candidate became the president of America. His 8 years of presidency remained comparatively peaceful. The fact is that the Democrats don’t seem to be obsessed with the extremist approach and prejudice. Democrats seem to concentrate on internal national issues and don’t seem to be perturbed by the world. Now again a Republican member Donald Trump has been elected as 45th president.

Sorry to say Trump does not appear to be a level-headed personality. Throughout his presidential move, he has given  signs of being pro-racialism, biased, petty-minded, crude rather lacking essential maturity, sensibility and morality. He doesn’t appear to be moderate. His act of signing the construction of wall on the border of America adjacent to Mexico clearly proves that he is the man who takes decisions irrespective of their consequent reaction in form of deprivation, hatred, belligerence on the part of the second party. Then he also restricted the entrance of the Muslim refuges in America. This is also an outrageous action on behalf of the super power.

Irony of the matter is that a super power, that has invaded the countries for realising its foreign policy interests and agendas, negating their sovereignty, has compelled the people to be the refugees, homeless, food-less, shelter-less, now declares without any hesitation, no entry of these miserable people. Being the super power, the role of America must be consultation oriented, accommodating multiplicity of interests, and being considerate where and when needed just like a big brother who doesn’t add fuel to fire rather settles down the disputes. America is demanded to play a positive role in the present sociopolitical scenario.

Decades have passed that the disputes between South Korea and North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Iran, Pakistan and India have not been settled down. The reason is that the role of America has been partial. It either openly stands with the one against the other or cunningly buries its head in sand and shows criminal ignorance. Just like a feudal lord who never allows school in his tribe lest his people should get education and awareness regarding their rights and ultimately challenge his authority. Same is the case with the super power America. If disputes, conflicts among different nations of the world get ended who will bother about the supremacy of America.

Trump claimed to eradicate Muslim extremism. Now such an announcement on his behalf is not sagacious and sensible statement. He has declared the Muslims, terrorist in a way. This will definitely lead the world to distress again just like that of Bush’s period. The ban on 7 Muslim countries by Trump may prove to be disastrous as it may create a grim feeling of dejection, degradation among the Muslims. A new race of weapons, Trump says, will be started. Its my perception that Trump will definitely sign agreements with India regarding weapons and thus will imbalance the balance of power in the  subcontinent.

All these steps may possibly lead the world to conflict. It would not be wrong and unjustified that Trump may be proved the most immature, biased and narrow minded president of the entire American history. Trump seems to be an American Modi; irrational , aggressive and extremist. Now 4 years will be tensing, depressing for the whole world as the reign of Republican Trump has set in.