Conspiracy corrodes

Naseer Ahmed
نصیر احمد

Conspiracy corrodes

by, Naseer Ahmed

There is no adequate regulation of driving in the country. Like other aspects of life, driving is also corrupted by conspiracy politics.

If you want to drive, you just can. You don’t have to pass the tests, learn traffic laws and get familiar with any ethics of driving at all.

The society would support you at every step of violating laws and ethics around driving. As a consequence, according to a report 15 people die everyday in traffic accidents on average.

In the end, all kinds of occupations and entertainments have their own death tolls. It is easy to spot this conspiracy politics whichever facet of life you get into.

Everyday newspapers are full of stories of collapsing buildings, falling bridges, factory fires, medical negligence, bad products and unhealthy food. A lot of people die who could be easily saved.

The problem is conspiracy has gone more important than real work. If during working hours, you are not doing anything but conspiring to subvert democracy, laws and ethics you would damage the work.

This focus on conspiracy nurtures a certain kind of mindset which is either indifferent to pain and sorrow it causes or actually enjoys the pain and sorrow it causes.

What one gets from all these conspiracies? I am the most important person around because I have crippled my society kind of satisfaction if you could call it satisfaction. Ah, the convoys and cheering crowds do not suggest anything else.

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The solution is a persistent demand of good work. And if you demand it, you have to do it yourself. Well, you are a manifestation of higher reality of the Raja (King) and Sadhu (saint) type, no mortal has any right to demand work from you.

Again, we find ourselves into conspiracy. If you don’t work and demand it, your subordinate would conspire to subvert you and work. You would conspire to subvert your subordinates and work.

No work would be done but a pretension could be set up for mutual satisfaction. And everybody involved would conspire to maintain the pretension.

A real tough situation which necessitates a strong government with an understanding of the real problems and a vision to solve them. Again, the problem is that this persistent conspiracy culture has damaged the faculties of understanding and vision.

The so called visionary leaders focus on one or two issues. Some focus on financial corruption without trying to understand where it comes from. They end up as allies to the real source of corruption which is abuse of democracy, democratic laws and democratic ethics.

Others focus on the shallow side of democracy which is just about their grievances against the establishment. They don’t focus on any reforms. For them, the electorate is nothing but a certificate for their own tyranny.

With these visionaries, when reality tries to catch up, they conspire against their own brains to stop reality from catching up.

The establishment I think loves this international boost to authoritarianism. They view this international trend as a kind of validation of their take on human nature. They want to increase their control on society with new technologies, of the China style. That is why they keep weakening one of the weakest democracy in the world.

The catastrophic consequences of tyranny is not their problem. It never was. All these factors contribute in the entrenchment of conspiracy culture and decline of humanity.

It could be sorted out, but from drivers to chiefs to ministers it needs a change in their world view. The road to efficiency in a diverse country is sincerity to democracy.

Even the British could not establish an efficient tyranny in our region in spite of all their pretensions to pragmatism. Like we often say, the thing Brits could not do, nobody else could. We need to be sincere to what we say.

We need to forsake this tyranny project because our history says that our conspiracy skills are so good. It is not only democracy, we could also fail even an authoritarian government if it ever tries to embark upon some positive reforms.

Our culture is an ancient conspiracy against humanity. The only way to sort it out is a commitment to democracy which no conspiracy could damage. For that we would have to abandon all our delusions about a Saviour Raja (King) Saviour Sadhu (saint) and Saviour Sainapati (general).

The saving comes from a decent human being and an enlightened citizen. And we need millions of them. It still could work, but a persistent change of hearts and minds for some two or three generations are needed, and for our survival we will have to forget all kinds of conspiracies for a while or…,.