When Humanity gets knocked down

(Rabi Waheed)

Obnoxious incident of maltreatment rather inhumane and abusive treatment with transgender in Sialkot by the very dirty gangsters has stormed my brain.where does our society stand?This section of society called transgender,is the most inoffensive and innocuous strata of society that has no grudges or animosity and venom against anyone.On the other hand these people have been a source of amusement and fun in public and private functions like marriages and child birth celebration ceremonies.

But unfortunately they have been a victim of ludicrous,hilarious,graceless and inelegant rather satirical attitude at the hands of our society.This is the society that claims to be highly religious and somewhat educated but at the same time showing and proving to be morally doomed and declined.Transgender is the type of children in whom the proportion of chromosomes gets disturbed during mother’s pregnancy period and who don’t get perfect Male or perfect female physiques and characteristics.They have a combination of both male and female.Such children are distinguished as they reach their adulthood.The person having dominating feminine characteristics and traits is called she-male and similarly the one having dominating male traits is declared He-male.Such people don’t have any place or esteem either in homes or in society.They are the rejected ones rather kicked-out ones even by their own parents and family members who deny to accept and own them
due to the fear of this so-called reverent society. Apparently we,as a whole,are the members of a society that claims to be a religious one and being a theological society ,we are confident enough to claim that we have all the moral values that religion claims to inculcate in its followers.But to an embarrassing extent it is not so in reality.The very honorable people of our society having long beards,putting on shalwars quite high over ankles,offering prayers,performing hajj and doing all demanded or ordered by religion,exploit their fellow human beings practically,throwing away the garb of sophistication ,civility and morality.Religion is everywhere but humanity is  scarcely to be found.

We as a nation, are falling into the ditch of inhumanity, immorality and indignity. We raise voice just then when our own hand get burnt. We have become stuffed men who are hollow and shallow. This incident will definitely unnerve every sensible person but at the same time there is great possibility that the people will criticize the victim “transgenders” for being involved in immoral activities. Some may declare it a good rather virtuous act of punishing, such people involved in immoral, irreligious act of ZANA, at the hands of INNOCENT CRIMINALS beastly and wildly beating these transgenders. They (Criminals) confessed in front of media of being pakistan-tormented-transgenders_c5d37c1a-33aa-11e6-b762-306eb096a216violent with these transgenders due to their involvement in illegal sexual activities. This criminality, senseless and such shamelessly violent attitude of a human being to his fellow human being will not stop until we don’t stop justifying such acts. History is the witness of agonizing incident of two brothers in the very city Sialkot who were badly lashed till death by a group of people and the crowd of “civilized” spectators kept on watching that. Later on there were such people who declared those two brothers dacoits. Although court declared them to be innocent and victimized, in the trials afterwards . The question is that why do such scenes create where we find human beings turning into wicked wolves.
Either its the imperfection of law / our courts where one may easily get fake witnesses and desired decisions by using powerful approach or offering bribery and where accused/alleged are not convicted and brought to book or its the fault of the government that has failed in maintaining its writ or WE “the members of society” close our eyes from such occurrences /bury our heads into sand and don’t raise our voice collectively.

In one way or other we all “our law,government and public” are sharing its responsibility.Basically the government must safeguard the rights of this suppressed section of society that is a victim of injustice even at the hands of nature.Government should provide them an environment in which they may get education ,skill and jobs.According to the biology, over millions of people one such child (transgender)gets birth.The population of Pakistan is round about 20 crore and if over a million one such child comes into existence, their number would be almost in thousands.For such a small number of people what is the hurdle, faced by government in setting up separate educational institutions where there must be a special curriculum according to their psychological, physical and temperamental needs that may help them in getting jobs or in starting their own business in future to earn their livelihood.In all the government jobs there must be quota for these people.Thanks to supreme court for giving them the right of having identity cards and the right to cast a vote.But even then this is not the all that is sufficient to redress their grievances. Law /courts must deal such criminals with iron hands who harass the down trodden ,repressed people under the garb/cover of an effort to stop transgenders from involving in ill-legitimate sexual acts but in reality they harass them to get satisfied by these so- called farcical people either sexually or financially (in the name of unfair share).

Last but not least we “the sensible members of society” must be sympathetic and benevolent to transgenders.First of all we should accept their beings, their existence and recognize them as a part of our society and try to generate opportunities for them on individual bases too.Transgenders are an “abnormal part” of society but sorry to say this”physically abnormal” section of “living-deads”,is bitterly exposing the very abnormality underlying our apparently NORMAL personalities,behaviors and attitudes.

Their maltreatment and exploitation at the hands of stone hearted insensitive human beings and the silence on part of our general public, human rights activist are the clear signs that our society is going to dogs and we are diving down and down deep into the pit of moral collapse and demise. Each and every member of a society plays the role in paving way for the society to success, prosperity and peace. If we have to take this society to non-violence, harmony, calmness and ethics not only we will have to perform actively and also let the deprived and unprivileged people join us in this effort,after having given them their rights, due status in our hearts and in the society.