The Ultimate Deal of Success

صاحب مضمون، عثمان عابد

(Usman Abid)

“Believe in yourself”… it is not instruction from my side that how you can make your life better. Even I am not qualified to tell you that how to do it. But I can tell my school of thought about way of living life and how that’s work for me. And one of the most important things that I constantly need to remind myself is that I don’t have anything to prove to anyone, but on the other hand, I have do a lot of expectations of both with you and myself. But one thing that always keeps me on ground is realizing that I don’t owe anybody about anything. Sometimes it is very difficult to get through in your day to day life especially in this era when world becomes a global village.

You constantly compare yourself with others like people of your field that may be better than you. They are, may be, better students, better pharmacists, better human beings, but it doesn’t matter like often you find yourself comparing to others. That is a horrible way of thinking when you are constantly trying to meet the expectations of someone because it may let yourself down.

And one of the things that was difficult for me to understand is that I don’t need to focus anyone else. I don’t need to compare myself to anyone except myself. I am comparing to my past self. This may be yesterday, may be years ago may be like my childhood…those are the only people in my life that I need to compare myself too.

Somewhere deep inside…You know what kind of person you were designed to be. If you want to produce acorns then think like oak tree. Think like person you intend to become. Let me ask one question. What kind of seed is in you? I believe it is our responsibility in life to find out who we are.

First we need to respect our nature. We need to realize that we are a part of continuing chain that carries a legacy and responsibility. We need to realize that we are not biological coincidences. We should believe on Great Creator Allah Almighty who created us for millions of purposes. There are many things that we can do in our daily lives. And I think it is our job to find out what those things are and to do them as possibly as we can. First we need to respect our nature. Second we need to know our nature. Note things about yourself which most people don’t discover. For example, know in what ways you are smart as compared to others. What you care about. What are the values that motivate you? Know what your personal velocity is. Know your background either it imprint positive, neutral or negative that carry with you or what affect it had on you. Know your behavioral style how you come across to others. Know the patterns of your choices.

So you continually learn more and more about yourself. And then you need to nurture your nature by expressing yourself. Never expect anything to be ordinary. If you will spend one extra hour each day studying your chosen field then you will become an expert in that particular field in less than five years. You not only transform yourself but can transform the world around you and we collectively transform the world as we know it today. You and I were born with the gift to make this world better place. We can encourage people, give them complement and can solve problems. We can fix things and bring new ideas. As you grow you become the bigger source for rest of the world. You come in this world for a reason. So nurture your nature and Figure out in such a way that you become example for the rest of the world.

You know just a little bit win can give us enough dopamine level that we feel better. You can be a simple neurological pay off of just achieving a small goal. So, whatever you are doing in your life. If you have job then think about what small things can you do to move ahead. If you deal difficulty in relationships then what would be a simple win? A simple moment of appreciation from your side can put smile on anyone’s face and ultimately change the game for you. That thing bring back warmth in your relationship and break the iceberg.

Little things every single day adds up to greatness. Sometimes people don’t believe in themselves. It’s not true that they should not believe in themselves. In fact, they have some wins, they have some goals and they can create magic but they never integrated the win because they don’t owe credit. But we should owe credit because by giving yourself credit you feel good about you and feel that moment of success by your heart.

What happens with most of us that we knock off the chuckles and after five years we stand on the same place as standing five years before with same level of confidence and same level of belief. We did not allow these things to enter in our spirit to become our strength. We have momentum externally not internally. We never achieved that sense of pride or ownership what we did. We didn’t own it that we did something. So we never get stronger. That means you need some integration practice. At the end of day, just sit down and think what you did today. Take some feedback from your friends about yourself.

Most people fear to do that kind of activities because they do not believe in themselves. Sometimes it is necessary to get feedback from the people we love. Because sometimes people’s feedback changes our thinking pattern and they help us to see that we are doing much better as we think.

The greatest way to believe in you is to love other people so that they become grateful for us. When other people around you love and care and get excited about life then you start to say that I deserve to feel good. And eventually you start to take some momentum, integrate some wins to feel better and start to believe in yourself again.

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